The Geo-Pro Difference

It’s not just one element that elevates Geomni’s level of success, but rather the entire method by which we do business. As a business unit of our parent company, Verisk Analytics, Geomni has the runway to capture our ever-changing world like never before. Above all, our clients value our consistency, customization, depth of asset library, and regional expertise.

The proof is in our commitment to:
- constantly source fresh imagery on an unprecedented scale
- invest in superior technology
- employing the most skilled team in the industry

Redefining Regional Coverage

Our fleet is manned by many of the most experienced pilots in aerial mapping all across the country, bringing their regional knowledge and relationships to each flight to ensure the runways are clear, flight paths unobstructed, and images on target.

Although Geomni has Hubs strategically positioned across the United States we operate as a local company with pilots flying in their home region. The data Geomni delivers is captured by local flight crews with local knowledge and expertise, granting them more support from Air Traffic Controllers to smooth the process of working in congested and controlled airspace near large airports in metro areas. From data capture under 50 acres to far larger acquisitions, we also deploy Unmanned Aerial Vehicles nationally for our customers requesting data from many dispersed sites, even capturing just a fraction of an acre at each site.

Cutting Edge Technology

Geomni is Now Taking Flight with the World’s Most Capable Airborne Sensors

Committed to flying with the most advanced technology in aircraft efficiency and sensor advancement, we stack our fleet with the versatile MIDAS Nadir/Oblique sensor along with the Leica City Mapper, the most efficient method to capture four band Nadir, Oblique, and LiDAR data.

Flying over 100 fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters dedicated to gathering geospatial data, each aircraft is the most fuel efficient in the industry, and outfitted with the most advanced remote sensing technology available today. Our planes are flown by many of the most experienced pilots in the business with up to 30,000 Pilot-In-Command flight hours.