Geomni is moving rapidly to build the largest, highest quality database of North American imagery and high-resolution 3D data in existence. Easily accessible to our PSMs, seamlessly order desired images through the user-friendly G-Marketplace.

Off-the-Shelf, Geomni delivers:

- Aerial Imagery
QC’d and validated high-resolution Oblique and Nadir image data, typically at resolutions of 1.5” to 3” GSD.

- DEM/DSM Data
From high resolution LiDAR and from images, if requested. Most missions will be flown with fused image and LiDAR sensors.

- Metadata
Fully validated including orientations (EO and IO), ABGPS, and ground truthing.

Obliques, Plus 4-Band Nadir and Concurrent LiDAR Data

Off-the-Shelf Data Availability from Across the Country

Our aircraft are capturing data continuously over cities big and small, all across the country. Contact Geomni to determine if the imagery you want is already captured. If not, we will schedule a custom collect for you, or let you know when we’ll be flying your AOI next.

Access A Wide Range of Functional Tools with the Geomni Viewer

The Geomni Viewer is equipped with a wide variety of robust measuring tools to take full advantage of the high-resolution imagery captured and stored in our library archive. See below for examples of the viewer in action.

Most of our data acquisitions are performed with “fused” sensors, integrating Oblique/Nadir camera arrays with a high-performance LiDAR system capable of simultaneously capturing multi-look imagery and 3D point clouds.



This multi-look data set allows you to view, measure and analyze nearly every feature on or above the ground – including angled rooftops, the sides of houses and buildings, and many objects hidden under tree canopies.

The pixels in our Oblique data sets are georeferenced, which means you can precisely measure the lengths and surface areas of objects regardless of whether their orientation relative to the ground is horizontal, vertical or angled.



While we currently average a stunning resolution of 2 inches, we routinely perform at considerably higher resolutions, wherever called for. Notably, most of our collections are done using 4-band for the Nadir camera, for those needing CIR data.

The applications of Geomni Oblique 3D data for visualization, measurement, simulation, and modeling are limitless.