Redefining Regional Coverage Nationally

Our Pilots

Our fleet is manned by some of the most experienced pilots in aerial mapping all across the country, many of them holding in excess of 5,000, 10,000, and even 30,000 flight hours as Pilot-In-Command. Bringing their regional knowledge and relationships to each flight, their local knowledge and expertise grants them more support from Air Traffic Controllers to smooth the process of working in congested and controlled airspace near large airports in metro areas. This ensures the runways are clear, flight paths unobstructed, and images on target.

Our Fleet

Flying over 100 fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters dedicated to gathering geospatial data, each aircraft is the most fuel efficient in the industry and outfitted with the most advanced remote sensing technology available today. Our Tecnam Twin Engine aircraft uses only 9 gallons of fuel per hour, while the light aluminum airframe delivers an outstanding payload-to-total weight ratio for increased efficiency. Our extensive fleet ensures our ability to not only deploy the best suited aircraft for your project but significantly reduce the risk of project delays due to equipment downtime.