Scope, Estimate Faster and Reduce Time with Geomni Image-to-Scope

Automating complicated and time-consuming tasks insurance adjusters and estimators typically deal with manually.

Can You Do a
Full Roof Replacement
in Under 30 Seconds?

Give it a try by downloading the ESX files into the latest version of Xactimate. 

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Your Job Just Got a Little Lot Easier

Estimating is a complex job due to so many variables. Image-to-Scope accounts for those variables by converting imagery to derived data and transforming it into an information rich 3-dimensional model.

Automated Estimatics


Gives you perspective!

Geomni high-resolution imagery from planes or drones provide a wealth of property insights.

Property Data

Sorts out all of the variables.

Insights become property data such as measurements, roof covering types, vents and much more. All contributing context to the scope item list. 


The glue that’s keeping it all together.

Next, Construction Logic is applied from Geomni’s rules engine. And individual carrier requirements are accounted for.  

Just 2-Clicks to Scope & Estimate

Cut the manual steps. Reduce human error.

The final scope item list is ready for your review before accepting and submitting the estimate. 

Carrier Specific Preferences?

Yeah, it does that too. Get set-up with your carrier specific rules and preferences to ensure company standards are automatically implemented on each claim.

Image-to-Scope at Work

See how Image-to-Scope automates common estimating tasks like Steep and High Roof Charges, and calculating for Ice & Water Barrier.


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