Verisk Launches ‘Geomni Vision,’ New Service Provides Customers with Extensive Catalog of Aerial Imagery

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LEHI, Utah, March 4, 2019 — Geomni™, a Verisk (Nasdaq:VRSK) business, is pleased to announce a new subscription service called Geomni Vision, which will provide users with access to the industry’s most comprehensive library of aerial imagery.

Subscribers can leverage Geomni Vision to access geospatial data for structures and parcels throughout the entire United States. This includes high-resolution oblique imagery for most parcels and related structures. Through Geomni’s strategic alliance with Nearmap, orthogonal (top-down) imagery is also included, which is refreshed up to three times each year. Using Geomni Vision, customers will have access to the most complete and up-to-date imagery and property information.  

“The new service will significantly improve the way customers approach underwriting and insurance claims,” said Jeffrey C. Taylor, president of Geomni. “Having access to the most current orthogonal and oblique aerial imagery, along with all the measurement tools, will be a vital asset to customers for risk assessment in their front-end underwriting process, resource deployment, claims processing, and claims project management. They will also gain access to pre- and post-catastrophe imagery after severe weather events to triage the damage and better deploy resources. Geomni Vision enables customers to be even more efficient in post-disaster management.”

Remote sensing technologies used by Geomni’s privately owned and operated fleet of fixed-wing aircraft ensure that the aerial imagery library is continually refreshed to serve the needs of Verisk’s customers.

Subscribers can access Geomni Vision through Geomni’s online web viewer (a streamlined mapping and measurement platform), via plug-in applications such as ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro, or with other solutions that use industry-standard WMTS APIs. The web viewer’s interactive, easy-to-use map allows subscribers to view multiple imagery layers for orthogonal and oblique imagery as well as measurement tools for calculating dimensions of buildings and properties directly from the imagery. Additional tools include the ability to make annotations and export them, along with the imagery, for use in reports and policy and claim files, among other use cases.

Post-disaster imagery will also be made available following major weather storms and catastrophic events. Customers using Geomni Vision can gain significant insights from Geomni pre- and post-catastrophe aerial imagery to help them make more data-driven decisions, such as assessing risk, evaluating damage, setting reserves, and determining resource deployment. Geomni has a rapid post-disaster response procedure in place, executed by the Geomni fleet, which is strategically located throughout the United States. Following severe weather events, the fleet will capture and process aerial imagery, documenting damage and assessing the impact of these events. Although post-catastrophe imagery capture varies greatly based on peril type, post-storm imagery is often available within hours of an event, helping customers begin to triage the damage of potentially affected properties and allocate resources accordingly.

Geomni Vision also includes integrated machine learning technologies to analyze properties both before and after a catastrophe.

For more information, visit Current Verisk customers may also contact their account representative for additional details.

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