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A tornado associated with weather from Tropical Storm Olga touched down near Mobile, Alabama.

October 31, 2019

Post-storm imagery showing damages from the West Mobile, AL tornado is now available in Geomni Web Viewer. Please reach out to your Verisk account executive if you need assistance gaining access to the viewer.


October 28, 2019

Geomni has activated its fleet to capture post-storm aerial imagery near West Mobile, and flight crews are heading to the area now. Please stay tuned for further updates about imagery capture and publish timeframes.

October 24, 2019

A tornado touched down Friday evening just northwest of Mobile, Alabama. Reports and photo and video footage showing major damage have since been shared on social media.

Alabamians were already on high alert for severe weather. The state was dealing with several storms associated with Tropical Storm Olga, and numerous tornado warnings had been issued for the Southwest Alabama region. The National Weather Service confirmed that the tornado that formed near West Mobile was in fact an EF1 with winds of 95-100 mph.

Geomni plans to mobilize its fleet for aerial imagery capture of this event. Once weather conditions are favorable, flight crews will start collecting post-storm imagery to help assess the severity of the damage and assist affected residents in beginning the recovery process.


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