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Storm Update

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An EF2 tornado touched down on Thursday, March 14 in Paducah, KY.

March 16, 2019 

Aerial imagery documenting the damage from the Kentucky tornado has been captured and processed, and it is now available via the Geomni Web Viewer for Geomni and Verisk customers. Please see your account executive for access. 


March 15, 2019 

Our team has finished capturing aerial imagery over Paducah following yesterday's tornado.

Post-CAT imagery is currently being processed. We'll share another update once processing is complete and the imagery is available in Geomni Web Viewer.


Geomni's flight mission team is currently en route to Paducah, Kentucky. Imagery capture is expected to take place today so that we can begin to assess the tornado damage and help support restoration efforts.

March 14, 2019 

Severe weather and thunderstorms are ramping up in the areas of Kentucky and Illinois, producing the threat of tornado strikes.

Paducah, Kentucky just reported major damage from a tornado in the late-morning hours. According to reports, the tornado narrowly missed a National Weather Service station in West Paducah.

Geomni is carefully monitoring this situation as it develops, and its fleet are ready to initiate aerial imagery capture operations once weather conditions permit us to do so.

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