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Flooding from the Russian River has turned the Northern Californian town of Guerneville into an island, along with other neighboring communities.

March 4, 2019 

Aerial imagery of the Guerneville, California area has completed processing and is now fully available to Verisk customers via the Geomni Web Viewer. If you need access, please reach out to your account executive.

Guerneville CA_15864 River Road_v3


March 2, 2019 

Geomni has finished capturing aerial imagery of Guerneville and other areas impacted by the flooding. The imagery is now being processed so that it can be published to the Geomni Web Viewer be available to Verisk customers shortly.


March 1, 2019 


A slow-moving atmospheric river stormed dumped large amounts of rain over Guerneville, California over a 48-hour period, causing the Russian River to swell to near historic levels. Having already had an unusually wet winter, and with nowhere left for all of this water to go, Guerneville was quickly reduced to an island, accessible only by boats or kayaks.
Geomni had been keeping an eye on this storm and has already begun mobilizing its aerial fleet to conduct aerial imagery capture of the area.

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