Geomni Announces Instant Roof Squares Reports for Roofing Contractors


LEHI, Utah, May 1, 2019 — Geomni, a Verisk business, has launched Geomni Squares, an instant roof squares report meant to help roofing contractors quickly and confidently bid on projects.

In the fast-paced construction world, roofing contractors are routinely pitted against other professionals vying for the same project. Fast and accessible property information can easily mean the difference between landing a roofing contract or walking away empty-handed.

To start bidding on a roof replacement or remodel, often the number that really matters is the number of roof squares. Roof squares, or an area of a roof which measures 100-square feet, serves as a quick snapshot of a roof’s size. A contractor armed with the number of roof squares can create a quick estimate of how much material, labor, and equipment will cost for a roofing project. This information enables contractors to be significantly faster than those who need to come on-site, climb up on a ladder and inspect the roof before they come back with a quote.

Geomni Squares allows contractors to skip the on-site visit by providing the number of roof squares, enabling the roofing contractors to quickly and confidently place project bids. Using aerial imagery and machine learning technologies, Geomni Squares provides the roof squares report within seconds, as well as the predominant slope.

“We wanted to help roofing contractors with one of their biggest hurdles in winning bids. A Geomni Squares report helps them do that more quickly and easily,” said John Long, Geomni vice president.

Geomni Squares can be ordered via Geomni Dashboard, an online project management portal. Simply type in an address, verify the location selected on the map and choose a Geomni Squares report. Once the order is placed, the PDF report is generated in near real-time.

Once they’ve won the roofing bid, contractors can use Geomni’s other roofing solutions, such as Geomni Roof, to keep projects running seamlessly. Geomni Roof provides a complete roof measurement data package for contractors. For remodeling or renovation projects, Renoworks FastTrack, powered by Geomni, provides full roof measurements plus a true-to-life, 3D visualization of a property, giving homeowners a clear picture of what the finished project will look like.

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