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Geomni Achieves Widespread Aerial Imagery Coverage of Parcels and Structures in the United States


Professionals across a range of industries are now able to access detailed..

Geomni Launches New Mobile App for Ground Imagery and Drone Inspections
Geomni, a Verisk business (Nasdaq:VRSK), has launched its new mobile app for..
Geomni Capturing Aerial Imagery of California Wildfires


Last week, Geomni activated one of its regional hubs and is proactively..

Geomni’s UAV Solution Serves to Solve Tree Coverage Imagery Problem

Overreaching tree canopies can obscure details of residential and commercial..

Verisk’s Geomni Business Announces New Drone Service for Properties

Geomni, a Verisk Analytics business (Nasdaq:VRSK), has announced a new service..

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