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Fast and accurate roof measurements.

Simplify Your Roofing Business

Make your roofing business better by letting Geomni handle the mundane tasks for you. We’ll gather measurements, diagram roofs, capture roof images, create 3D models, and more. Meaning you can focus on what you do best: giving your customers the best roof possible.

Whether you’re handling an insurance claim, bidding on a total roof replacement, or working on new construction, you’ll get the precise roof information fast. And simple flat-rate pricing for all types of roofs eliminates the guesswork.

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Precise Measurements

Receive precise measurements before setting foot on the job site. There’s no need to guess or send someone on-site to climb a ladder and measure manually.

Geomni’s roofing products helps you create the most accurate roof bids and estimates — every time.



Geomni provides rapid delivery of roof measurements and high-resolution imagery – often within an hour or less.

Now, you’ll get a component report that includes all the measurements to send to your supplier. This saves hours on roof inspections when compared to traditional on-site inspections, measuring, imagery taking, labeling, and more.


Flat Rate

Our roofing products are a simple flat price – so don’t worry about the number of squares or number of facets your roof has.

Whether you order online, in the Geomni Mobile app, or via Xactimate®, in just a few clicks you’ll get aerial imagery and measurements in one neatly generated report. And thanks to our enormous library of aerial imagery, we’ll likely already have photos of the property. Kiss your days spent with a tape measure and camera for manual reporting goodbye.

The same price for residential roofs of all sizes.


Geomni Roof provides detailed roof information with unprecedented accuracy.

Receive measurements including area, pitch, slope, vents, and more Get high-resolution imagery

Automatically sync with Xactimate to generate the native Sketch 3D model

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Renoworks FastTrack is a better way to serve roofers. FastTrack combines Geomni’s precise measurements and 3D modeling with Renoworks vivid visualization suite to provide you with a better and effortless way of guiding your customers through the home design-to-project delivery process.

Design, automation and visualization have never looked better.

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on the Go

The Geomni Mobile App enables you to collect images using your smartphone that get converted in usable roof information, all without leaving the safety of the ground.

Take ground level photos

Conduct a UAV inspection

Easily order a Roof data package

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Directly Integrated for Insurance Claims


For more than 30 years, Xactware, Geomni’s sister-company, has transformed the roofing industry with Xactimate®, the industry-leading estimating platform. Geomni Roof data packages can be ordered right in Xactimate or XactAnalysis. Geomni Roof measurements and imagery seamlessly sync with your Xactimate estimate.

Save yourself time and create quick, precise roof estimates with Geomni and Xactimate.


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