History of Geomni

Backed by the strength of Verisk, a 7,000+ employee publicly traded company, Geomni harnesses remote sensing and machine learning technologies to specialize in airborne imagery and data acquisition, warehousing, and licensing.

Internally, we serve Verisk Analytics Enterprise and their customers, and help maintain market leadership in all things geospatial on behalf of insurance, banking, finance, and some O&G business.

Externally, we work with and through mapping professionals to help professional Photogrammetry, Surveying, and Mapping Firms and Departments (PSMs) increase revenues and significantly reduce costs.

For exclusive access to our expansive imagery and data library or to inquire about a custom flight project, please click the button at the bottom of the page to gain access to Geomni Pro data.



Legends & Legacies - Maryland

Our Geomni Maryland Hub originally operated as Richard Crouse & Associates, where they’ve proven ‘flying is in the blood’. President Richard Crouse learned about aerial photography and mapping services when working at PhotoScience, Inc., a company started by his father in 1955. In 1990, Richard recognized the benefit of providing high quality photography and imaging services only, leaving the processing and interpretation of the images to the PSM community. This attention to quality and responsiveness were the foundations on which he grew the company, and an outstanding reputation naturally followed. Within a few years, the company began expansion into three additional locations.

Fast forward 28 years and you will find Cassy Crouse where Richard once sat, now directing the Maryland Hub while also providing support to the South Carolina, Kansas City and Maine Hubs. You will also find Travis Crouse as our Acquisition Manager, responsible for flight planning, scheduling, and all things related to the acquisition of imagery and data.

The Maryland Hub shares assets with other Geomni Hubs to provide support throughout the country. Imaging assets include Leica DMC 1, 2 and 3 cameras, Midas Digital, Riegl LiDAR and the new Leica CityMapper Hybrid Sensor. All of these can be flown on a variety of fixed-wing platforms, ranging from our Navajo, Aztec and Tecnam fixed-wing aircraft or our exclusive Bell JetRanger – the only helicopter in the US with the sensor mounted internally.

Whether the application requires a helicopter for low level flying, high-resolution or flight lines within a very tight airspace, or hybrid imaging to include obliques and LiDAR scanning, Geomni is uniquely positioned to meet the most demanding aerial data acquisition requirements.

Legends & Legacies - Colorado

It takes careful evaluation and true grit to launch a new business, something Christina and Robert (Bob) Louwers know first hand since buying Rocky Mountain Aerial Surveys in early 2011. Now operating as our Colorado Hub, Bob’s entrepreneurial passion and drive to take on risk and innovation pushed him to take over the 38-year-old Longmont, Colorado based firm. His background in engineering, business development and sales gave him a sharp eye for opportunity, and his interest in aviation made the aerial surveying firm an ideal prospect. Christina, who had finance expertise, was ready for a new challenge.

Seeing untapped potential in the firm, the couple knew they had to focus first on laying a foundation for future success. They started with revamping RM Aerial Surveys’ IT infrastructure and began making investments in the firm’s three aircraft to meet the highest standards. They calibrated the company’s film cameras, upgraded the planning and processing software, and made other operational changes to ensure high quality. After a strategic move from Centennial Airport to a larger hangar with adjoining office space in Longmont the firm gained a roomier, cleaner, more efficient and cost effective environment. After taking stock of the firm’s people, the Louwers discovered a lot of untapped talent. Quickly promoting employees into positions in which their talents could truly shine, the efficiency of crew management, flight planning, aircraft maintenance and operation, camera and sensor options and mission planning coordination all saw a vast improvement.

Continuing to make investments in technology and capabilities which will enable RM Aerial Surveys to provide the best possible service, their primary focus was on airborne data acquisition, taking on larger-sized projects and expanding their geographic market. Excited by the rapid pace of technological change and new opportunities it brings, RM Aerial surveys was brought on as a Geomni Hub when acquired by Verisk Analytics in May 2017. Bob is now responsible for the operation of Geomni’s Colorado and New Mexico Hubs.